Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chrysler-Fiat Will become A Global Powerhouse

J. Travis-Gm Chrysler News

As Fiat SpA CEO Sergio Marchionne is in the process of wrapping up the Fiat Chrysler deal, he is also working on purchasing GM Operations overseas, Saab, Opel(Saturn) and building a global network quickly.

If Fiat is going after GM-Opel operations, it may target some of GM's domestic brands like Saturn and Pontiac.Because the Opel vehicles and Saturn vehicles are on the same platform....?

The new Chrysler-Fiat line up of vehicle brands could be quit impressive:
Alfa Romeo,Fiat,Ferrari,Maserati,Jeep,Chrysler,Dodge,Saab,Opel(Saturn),Joint ventures with Kia,Mitsubishi,TaTa and Nissan.

By time the smoke clears Chrysler-Fiat will be larger than GM and only second in the World to Toyota! Which they could easily surpass Toyota if the auto markets pick up around the world.

I would guess Sergio believes in go big or go home.....

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  1. By the way, if you put all these brands together and shake well, you will have a new