Wednesday, March 4, 2009

GM loses pride of place as Chrysler pulls ahead

During a month in which total industry sales fell 28%, Chrysler LLC toppled GM in February to become number one. It was the first time since 1949 that GM has been outsold by a rival, industry consultant Dennis DesRosiers said.

That year, GM design chief Harley Earl was perfecting the world's first cars with tail fins, inspired by Second World War fighter aircraft.

Ford Motor Co. also nudged past GM in February, which stood third with sales of 11,417, according to industry data released yesterday.

GM maintained its lead in overall sales in the year to date.

While the once-large gap between GM and its Detroit competitors is wiped away, foreign-based manufacturers also continue to close in on North America's home-grown automakers. Hyundai Motor Co., riding a weak Korean won that is allowing it to lower prices, tallied a 30% gain last month in Canada. It sold more cars than Honda Motor Co.' s main Honda brand.....More.....

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