Monday, December 15, 2008

Will George Bush Require GM and Chrysler To Go Into bankruptcy?

President Bush has said he would help GM and Chrysler with a auto Bridge loan, but what are the details?

I have read every article on the Internet and there are a thousand different variations.

Some are saying the loans will go through by tomorrow and follow the same Bill the House passed. Others are stating The treasury must really look at what the companies need.

I have read the Loans will be only $5 billion all the way to $40 Billion dollars.

An article on WSJ stated they spoke to a source close to the White House and Bush may require GM and Chrysler to go into bankruptcy to receive help!

From(Wall Street Journal)--Two people familiar with the situation said the government is also considering requiring any auto makers seeking aid to file for bankruptcy. Under such a scenario, the money would be used as so-called debtor-in-possession financing. Outside experts said such financing could require $50 billion or more for GM and Chrysler combined.

An article from Bloomberg states Bush wants to keep GM and Chrysler out of bankruptcy, Which is it?

An Article from (Bloomberg)-- President George W. Bush said deliberations by his administration on whether to tap a bank bailout fund to keep General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC out of bankruptcy “won’t be a long process” because of the “fragility” of the U.S. automakers

It's the old hurry up and wait....We will eventually find out.

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