Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sen. Richard Shelby Is Protecting Foreign Automakers, Gives Huge Tax Breaks!

Senator Richard Shelby has been attacking the America Auto Industry and Trying to Stop the Bridge Loan. He has great reason to cripple the America Auto-industry, he has all the foreign automakers in his home state of Alabama. Like Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai Motors!

Here are your American Tax Dollars at work, Undermining America!

In 1997, the state of Alabama granted huge subsidies to Mercedes in exchange for a plant that would employ 1,500 people. What were the details of this huge incentive package? $300 million in tax breaks, $253 million in direct incentives, $60 million in Alabama taxpayer money to send fellow Alabamans to Germany for training, and a promise to buy 2,500 of the new Mercedes SUV’s at $30,000 each. Based on just the initial $300 million grant alone, those 1,500 jobs will cost Alabama taxpayers $200,000 per job. Apparently Alabama, not Mercedes, will be paying those salaries for years to come. With deals like these, it’s no wonder foreign automakers have stepped up production in the U.S. We’ll even pay their workers’ salaries for them!

All using your tax dollars! Nice Job Senator Shelby, he has help facilitate similar deals for Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai Motors!

Billions of US Tax Payer Money to foreign companies!

Remember just because a vehicle is assembled in America it doesn't mean they are using American made parts, 80% are from foreign supplies and 90% of the profits are shipped back to a foreign country!

A dollar spent in the United States is said to circulate around the economy 7 times!

So all those billions of dollars you have given to foreign companies are not circulating in the American economy, it is in Japan and Germany!

So if you are struggling to make it and you are driving a foreign car, you might be part of the problem! You certainly aren't helping make higher paying jobs driving foreign cars.

Undermining America!

Thank You Senator Shelby For Helping Foreign Countries Destroy the Middle Class in America!

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