Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Detroit Against The World! Turn In Your Foreign Car or Be Boycotted!

Yes, now we know how little the rest of America cares for Detroit, Michigan and The America Auto Industry! We have been beat up time and time again by the US media and international media, but never did i think Americans of the South and West hated us so much.

What is more important for Detroit and Michigan is that we remember who we are! We are the salt of the earth hard working people, we are the people that built the tanks and planes that crushed the Nazi regime from taking over the world, we have made the vehicles and engines that have been used to advance our society.

We may dwindle and fade from our glory years, but with the right vision we will rise again.

We must begin a new era of renewed commitment of quality, efficiency and innovation.
We should not strive to be on par with the Japanese automakers, we need to beat them in every aspect of the game.

A large part of their success is because the Japanese Government fully backs the Japanese Autos! We need the legislation in place to make it more difficult for Japanese and foreign transplants to use our tax dollars to fund their plants and ship their profits back to Japan.

You now see how crucial the America Industry is to the foundation of this country.

We must ask and demand all those who live in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and other major American Manufacturing States to return their foreign cars.

If you know of Television or radio personalities who drive foreign cars don't watch and don't listen to them.

If you do watch or listen to them this is only reinforcing their belief that driving foreign cars doesn't matter. The same for shops,restaurants and any other establishment you spend your money at.

If they do not support you and your family, don't support them!

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  1. Damn Right! I am a White Collar Ford employee. I started noticing the foreign cars in our parking lot and we now make them park in a lot across the street.