Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gm Chrysler merger-This is the End Of The Road For Chrysler

GM Chrysler News reported this 2 months ago. The GM Chrysler Merger was and is a done deal! They just need some cash to buy out Daimler and then transfer the 49% of GMAC to Cerberus and GM will Get Chrysler's assets.

I find it amusing all these supposedly automotive experts are surprised that GM Chrysler is talking merger again. Both companies have told us 2 months ago they where going to merge. The only hold up was GM needed more cash! Well guess what, the money will be coming soon.

The auto rescue bridge loan was all part of the plan to facilitate the GM Chrysler Merger!

GM idled 22 factories and Chrysler idled 30,Sadly the workers at GM and Chrysler do not know that some of these plants will never open up again, Especially if the GM Chrysler Merger goes through.

GM Chrysler News-J.F.

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  1. You are dead on! I work at CTC-Chrysler Headquarters and we have been talking about this months. After the last bought of white collars cuts we knew it was over.
    They cut workers and let people go with no discretion. That is not a company that wants to stay open.