Monday, November 17, 2008

If No Bailout Of The Big Three, Massive Job Loss and Boycotts

It looks like a lot of politicians and so called economic experts are split on the Bailout Of The Big Three. Which to rephrase that, it is a loan to the big three.This week will really heat up the debate over the purposed Auto Industry Rescue plan.

It is hard to believe anyone would take pleasure in helping the industry fold up and take it's business overseas. We all know the job losses could reach 3.5 Million when the smoke clears! and how is that good for America?

You let the Government bailout the lending institutions that have caused the credit mess and gave out loans they didn't have the securities to back.So you reward them!

What happens after you gave AIG Billions?, They handed out bonuses and through a $500,000 party! But Thats ok, we can over look that!

How can the common person have any leverage? Your Dollar and your Vote!

How can the common person, autoworker, designers or engineers make a difference to voice their opinion against those who oppose the rescue of American jobs? Boycott

These politicians who oppose the rescue of American jobs-Don't Vote for them!

For the radio show host that rips the American auto industry-Don't Listen to their show!

For companies that are supported buy the foreign auto makers-Don't Shop there!

For Television Shows that are supported by Advertising from the foreign auto makers-Don't Watch them!

The only voice the common worker has is who they vote for and where they spend their dollar!

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