Thursday, November 6, 2008

GM and Cerberus Wouldn't Ask For Merger Money!

Both companies know they can not get money to finance a merger from the Federal Government. So they know they have to be creative in the language they use to ask for the bailout loan.

As you listen to the politicians and executives you are hearing multiple terms used to ask for the money like: bailout, loan, bridge loan, viability funding, retiree health care fund, crisis funding,...which is it? and exactly what would the extra 25 Billion Dollars be used for?

GM has been talking to Cerberus Capital Management LP, the majority owner of Chrysler LLC, about acquiring Chrysler. GM is reportedly seeking Chrysler's $11 billion in cash and federal aid to make the deal happen.

Auto industry officials said the companies do not intend to ask Pelosi for Congress' help in financing a merger. Gettelfinger has expressed concern that a GM acquisition of Chrysler would lead to massive job losses.

What they say and what they do are two different things!

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