Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Is Next For The Big Three? Will They All Fail?

Since the report one week ago that Cerberus is dumbing Chrysler, the public and employees have gotten a better view of the financial mess the Big Three are facing.

From all the reports it looks like they are all going to collapse and must consolidate into one company!

Cerberus has damaged it's relationship with the Chrysler employees and it's customers.
Financing companies need to stay out of the car business, you need a passion for automobiles to run a car company. If you don't, that lack of auto savvy Leach's through the company and is translated into the cars you build!

Bob Nardelli couldn't build a house and look what he did to Home Depot!
He certainly doesn't know cars and look at Chrysler!

To the next company that hires Bob Nardelli, employees........Start Your Resumes!!!

Stupid Daily News---Political Roast----Lingerie Football Pics

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