Friday, October 17, 2008

If GM Buys Chrysler Will There Be anything left of Chrysler?

Auto analyst are licking there chops at this one! GM buying Chrysler! Some are saying GM will swallow Chrysler and keep only the Jeep line. Their are others saying GM doesn't have the money and would have to do a GMAC shares swap with Cerberus.

One thing i know is Cerberus is doing something and it is not telling it's workers. Chrysler workers have been interviewed outside of assembly plants and the Auburn Hills Tech Center (Headquarters) and no one inside the company has any idea what is going on!

That is very bad for morale, efficiency and quality. But Cerberus's intent was to sell Chrysler in pieces or as a whole from the beginning. All the pep talks and media events were just to make it look good.

The American Company Cerberus is no different than the Germany Company Daimler, just in the business to gain captial not make world class cars.

Stupid Daily News---Political Roast----Lingerie Football Pics

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