Thursday, October 30, 2008

210,000 Jobs Effected---Joe Auto Worker Is In Trouble!

From Gm-Chrysler-Merger.Com

The rumors are swirling inside the two automakers General Motors and Chrysler!

The deal is coming they just don't know when! Sources have told us that if the deal goes through, GM and Chrysler will cut jobs. All the job cuts will not just be from the Chrysler side.

We think GM could get a buyer for Hummer, cut back their truck line,let Buick and Pontiac go!

Then bring in the successful Jeep line, the Chrysler Mini-van, Chrysler 300 platform (which includes the Dodge Challenger) and have the Hemi Dodge Truck share platform with the Chevy Trucks.

The Chrysler 300, Jeep Models, Minivans and Dodge Truck/Hemi engine are strong brands. They have been successfully marketed throughout the years and will likely survive. Just like GM, the weak vehicles will be lost in this merger.

Platform sharing will be the key to long term success!

GM and Chrysler have talked with Nissan and we are even hearing Toyota! Yes, Toyota and Nissan could help build small cars, this would help GM reduce cost.

At this point in the game GM is losing money hand over fist, a Billion Dollars a month to be exact and must cut another 10,000 workers just survive another couple months.

Again this is all speculation, but if 10% of the rumors and reports are true it doesn't look good for Joe Auto-worker!

Remember one automotive job supports 7 other jobs!
So if 30,000 auto jobs are cut, the impact will be 210,000 people losing work!
We all hope this is the bottom of the market, but some say it has just started!

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  1. Another $20 billion for Citi Group but not a penny for an auto bailout.